Advanced CanSkate

The Advanced Canskate program was developed by Cochrane Skating Club to meet the needs of young talented skaters keen to become figure skaters.

Athletes must have passed Stage 3 CanSkate to be eligible. This program is taught in a group format introducing skaters to figure skating skills and the disciplines of free skate, dance and skating skills, while continuing to complete the CanSkate stages.

Advanced Canskaters will also participate in 30 minutes per week of off-ice training and will train on and off the ice with our Junior StarSkaters.

Please see the Schedule & Pricing tab for further details.

Other Important Notes:

  • Please have skaters dressed in leggings or skating dresses. No jeans please
  • Helmets are MANDATORY until your skater moves into the Junior StarSkate program.
  • Proper running shoes are mandatory (to avoid injury) for Tuesday off-ice classes. No bare/sock feet or boots etc.

 Skates and Sharpening:

Now that your skater is moving into a figure skating focussed program, it is essential to have appropriate equipment.  Used skates are fine, as long as the fit is right for the skater.  Leather boots will provide the best support and last longer.

Unfortunately, sharpening cannot be performed anywhere in Cochrane at this time.  A figure skating blade is VERY different from a hockey blade and requires a very specific sharpening.  Professional Skate Service in Marda Loop in Calgary is the only recommended sharpener and supplier for figure skating in the immediate area.   However, if you travel to Edmonton, United Cycle is highly recommended for skate fitting and sharpening.

If you have any questions about skates please chat with any of the coaches at the rink.