Intermediate StarSkate

This program is designed for skaters who have passed the new pre-preliminary tests and the preliminary dance test.

Skaters work on the preliminary/junior bronze free skate, preliminary/junior bronze skills, preliminary/junior bronze dance elements and junior bronze dances.

During the months of September through April, this program runs 2 times per week for one hour per session and is taught by our team of Skate Canada qualified coaches in private and semi-private lessons. Included is an off ice session (which includes off ice jumping, stretching, strength, power development and dance), as well as on ice edge and stroking sessions. Intermediate STARSkaters also participate in our Dance and Pilates programs on Wednesday evenings in the multi-purpose room.

Intermediate Skaters are encouraged to boy onto at least one additional ice time from the Open Ice that is available for Intermediate and Senior Skaters therefore having a minimum of three programs (ice times) that they skate per week.

Must have passed pre-preliminary free skate and the preliminary dance test.

See the Schedule & Pricing for more information

If you’re the parent of a skater in the STARSkate (Levels 1 through 5) program following are some links that you may find useful:

Questions are normal and to be expected from you as parents, as well as your skaters.  Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the coaches if you have questions about your skaters progress, how your skater is progressing, how test days or competitions work or about any other questions you may have.