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Cochrane Skating Club Program Assistant (PA) Policy


Purpose of the Policy:


This policy outlines the scope and responsibilities of Program Assistants (PA) within the Cochrane Skating Club.  

Scope of the Policy:


This policy applies to all Program Assistants working within the Cochrane Skating Club. 

Requirements to Become a Program Assistant:


Program Assistants must be at least 10 years old and registered in the Junior skating program. They must demonstrate reliability, patience, and an ability to communicate clearly. They must also be able to follow the tasks given by coaches and lead all assigned activities with enthusiasm and creativity.

Responsibilities of a Program Assistant:


Program Assistants are essential to the success of the Club and the programs offered. 


STARSkate skaters receive benefit by receiving a significant club subsidy on their ice fees.  Therefore, they are expected to contribute to the Club as an active volunteer through the PA program by:

  • Acting as an ambassador and positive role model for the Cochrane Skating Club;
  • Being ready and dressed at least 10 minutes before the assigned session start time;
  • Follow directions from the professional coaches, including:
    • Helping them provide a fun, safe and effective environment for new skaters in the PreCanSkate program, to develop their love of skating;
    • Help the coaches deliver on and off ice explanations;
    • Demonstrate skills and techniques;
    • Lead warm ups, circuits, drills and activities and cool downs;
    • Prepare each station with the required equipment (balls, cones, props, markings on the ice etc.) and help put equipment away; and
    • Listen to coach feedback and adjust your teaching style as necessary.
  • Take attendance and hand out stickers or rewards to each skater; and
  • Be positive and encouraging to all the skaters and their parents.


Pre-CanSkate Program Assistants are required to volunteer/be available for a minimum of 2 sessions per month. Each PreCanSkate class is 30 minutes long.  Program Assistants may be able to work additional sessions. Schedules will be created monthly by the CanSkate Director.


CanSkate Program Assistants are required to volunteer/be available for a minimum of 1 session per week.  CanSkate Classes are 45 minutes to 60 minutes long depending on the day they are scheduled.


Program Assistants must attend the Program Assistant clinic put on the club prior to the start of the CanSkate season (typically in September each year).


Program Assistants will earn credits for every volunteer hour (pro-rated for sessions that are not a complete hour in length).  These credits will be tracked by the CanSkate Director and report to the Club Treasurer per program term (December, April and June).  Credits will be recorded in the Skater’s Uplifter account as a Gift Certificate.  If the skater leaves the club the credits are not paid out in cash.  


The following chart outlines the value of credits accumulated per session.


Volunteer Year Credit
1st Year $5.00 / hour
2nd Year $7.50 / hour
3rd and subsequent Years $10.00 /  hour




The volunteer efforts of all STARSkate members reduces the necessity of the Club to hire additional personnel to perform these tasks and as such, contributes to keeping fees down. 


If for any reason a Program Assistant is unable to attend their assigned shift, they are responsible for finding a replacement and notifying the CanSkate Director in advance of the session


Club members who are unable to fulfill their minimum monthly commitments and who do not find a replacement will be invoiced for the committed sessions missed (based on the table above) in their bi-annual Open Invoices as issued by the club (December and April).


Additional Information:


All questions regarding this policy can be directed to the Cochrane Skating Club President:


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