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StarSkate participants love to compete!  Feedback indicates that even though a skater may choose not to participate in the Skate Canada Competitive Skate Program, they still want the opportunity to test their skill in a competition situation through club competitions in our Section.  Each year the Cochrane Skating club will choose to enter a number of competitions from the competitions in the Alberta NWT and Nunavut Section.   Not all competitions are open to all levels of skaters. Coaches will advise what level your skater is at and if the competition is open to them. 

Competition Information

What does my skaters wear to a competition?

  • Girls should wear a skating dress and have hear back neatly in a bun or tidy ponytail (even under a helmet if your skater is still required to wear one).
  • Check out the club's consignment rack for some great dresses available that may fit your skater!  
  • Boys are to wear black pants, and a button up shirt underneath a club jackets and black gloves.  A T-shirt layer can be worn underneath the button up shirt for extra warmth.
  • Skaters should wear a club competition jacket over their competition outfit at the arena and for the on ice warm up.  If your skater does not have a club jacket they should wear a fitted black zip up jacket or sweater.    
  • All skaters require indoor runners for warm up (boots, slippers etc. are NOT PERMITTED)

What happens when I get to the competition? 

  • Arrive at least 1 hour prior to the skater's flight time (competitions can run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule so even 90 minutes is a good idea).
  • Stop at the registration desk (all levels) and check in and confirm dressing room
  • Hand in music (STAR 2 and higher)  You need 2 CD's with the skaters music on it
  • Arrive at the rink dressed in your skating attire or leave sufficient time to get dressed prior to the arrival of your coach. 
  • Your coach will find you in your assigned dressing room be sure to wait for them there.  The coach will then take the skater for dryland warm up.  They will escort them onto the ice and be with them rink side while they compete.  Parents can watch from the stands. 

After my skater competes what happens? 

  • It takes at least 20 minutes to receive report cards 
  • Wait in the podium area (usually in the lobby) to receive reports cards and ribbons (STAR 1 to STAR 3).  Coaches like to review the report cards if they can with you there.  If the coaches are busy with another skater on ice and can't see the report card in person, then please be sure to bring a copy of the report card to the rink the following week so the coach can review with the skater. 
  • STAR 4 - skaters are ranked within their flight against the other skaters.  There will be a place in the arena where the event coordinators will hang results. Once the results are up if the skaters has have placed 1, 2 or 3, there will be an awards ceremony shortly after so stay around the podium area with your skates on.  If the skater did not place in the top three, their report card can be picked up with their music (it will be a similar report card to star 1-3). The coach will also want to go over the report card with the skater so again if you don't happen to see a coach, please make sure to bring a copy of the report card to the arena. 
  • STAR 5 up to Gold —Similar process as STAR 4 however these levels receive points points as well as a ranking, the report cards are quite different and you will review with your coach following the event.  

Can we watch the other skaters in the club?

  • Please!!  You are strongly encouraged to watch other skaters who may be skating at similar times to your skater.  Cheer them on and show club spirit!  

I have some photos of my skater who could I send them to?

  • If you have photos of your skater or others from our club that you happened to snap at the competition we love to send them to our local news media  or use them on our Facebook page.  Please send photos to


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