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Skater Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Protocol 


The Cochrane Skating Club aims to promote a safe, supportive environment for the skating community that equally respects our common interests and our differences for all skaters to enjoy the sport and fulfill their individual goals within a team spirit.

Guidelines for safe and fun skating sessions:

  • Keep moving! If you feel the need to stop and talk to another skater, you must move next to the boards.
  • Look where you are going at all times! Skaters are responsible for looking in the direction they are skating.
  • Spin in the center! Spins should be practiced in the center of the rink.
  • Do not linger in the jumping lanes! Most jumping is done at the ends of the rink.
  • Skaters will use the sides of the rink to gain speed for jumps.
  • Prolonged sitting on the ice after falling is prohibited!
  • Kicking or digging at the ice with skate blades is prohibited!
  • Use of cell-phones (except by coaches for videoing purposes) is prohibited during all on-ice and off-ice training sessions.

Skaters will use their sessions efficiently and not communicate with parents, friends etc. during training sessions unless there is an emergency. Should skaters need to leave the ice a coach must be notified.


Parents are highly encouraged to support their skater by spectating in the stands.  Unless there is an emergency, parents will not communicate with or interrupt skaters during their training sessions. 

Ice Etiquette: The following right-of-way order is to ensure safety for all skaters on the ice and is in effect during all Club sessions.

  • 1st priority: Skater skating their program
  • 2nd priority: Skater in lesson
  • 3rd priority: Skater in a spin or jump entrance
  • 4th priority: Coaches

It is common etiquette to make extra effort to stay out-of-the-way of priority skaters, however, you do not have to stop skating and stand at the boards.

All skaters who accidentally run into each other or cut each other off are encouraged to say “I’m sorry” or excuse themselves in a polite manner, even if it appears that the other person is more at fault. It shows graciousness, maturity and respect – qualities that bring out the best in all of us.

It is important to be aware, cautious and considerate of other skaters. We have many different levels of skaters that share the same ice.

Dress Code:

  • Tight fitting leggings, skating dresses. Sport (fitted) tank tops are fine but must provide appropriate coverage. No low cut or short tops - mid-rift, chest, and back should be covered.

  • No hooded or extra baggy/loose sweatshirts or jackets.

  • No jeans or baggy pants.

  • Hair should be neatly tied back. Tight fitting toques and headbands are permitted for Junior and Intermediate skaters only.

  • Lace-up running shoes are mandatory for off-ice programming. Skaters without proper running shoes will be unable to participate.

 Skater Code of Conduct:

  • Skaters are expected to demonstrate respect and sportsmanship towards their fellow skaters, coaches, officials, parents and the general public at all times;
  • Skaters are expected to follow the directions of coaches, arena staff and Cochrane Skating Club members during club sessions or club events;
  • Skaters will not harass, speak negatively about or abuse fellow skaters, coaches, officials or parents at any time;
  • Skaters will avoid the use of profanity at all times;
  • Skaters, as athletes and representatives of the Cochrane Skating Club, will model appropriate behaviour on social media;
  • Skaters will not use technology or social media to disrespect, bully or exploit others;
  • Skaters will respect others’ privacy and are reminded that anything posted online permanently becomes part of the public domain;
  • Skaters will not cause damage to any person’s or arena property;
  • Skaters will not access other person’s property without prior permission;
  • At team events, simulations and competitions skaters are encouraged to make an effort to support their follow skaters during their performances;
  • Skaters will not be under the influence of any alcohol and /or illegal substances during skating sessions and events;
  • Skaters are expected to follow the Ice Etiquette and Guidelines for fun and safe skating; Skaters are encouraged to read Skate Canada’s Statement on Bullying

Disciplinary Protocol: The wellbeing of our skaters is the priority of the Cochrane Skating Club. In the event of a violation of the Skater’s Code of Conduct, the following will apply:

1. The first infraction will be brought to the attention of the coach. The coach is obligated to handle the situation immediately. This will include the following:

a. Speak with the skater(s) and establish the facts in the situation.  

b. Based on the facts of the situation the coach will decide on the action to be taken. If the situation is determined to go against code of conduct, then the coach will proceed with c and d.  

c. Explain that if the behaviour continues it will be brought to the attention of the club president or designated board member and their parents or guardians

d. If, after consultation with other coaches who are present, the coach decides that the first infraction is of a sufficiently serious nature, it will be brought to the attention of the president and the skater’s parents or guardians immediately

2. We have confidence that our coaches and skaters will resolve the majority of infractions the first time they occur. However in the event of a second infraction the coach will repeat steps 1a & b, plus the following:

a. The coach will bring the issue to the attention of the club president

b. The president will contact the skater’s parents or guardians and explain the situation

c. The coach will document the incident, how it was handled and the steps required of the skater, then send a copy to the president or designated board member as well as to the parents or guardians

d. A meeting may be required if requested by either the parents or guardians, coaches or the club to discuss further actions

e. The skater will be expected to follow through on the steps outlined by the coach.

3. If the behaviour persists, there are further violations of the code of conduct, or if the skater does not follow through on the steps outlined in the document:

a. A meeting will be scheduled with the coach or coaches, the skater, the skater’s parents and the club president or designated board member. The discussion will review the Cochrane Skating Club’s Skater’s Code of Conduct, the details of the actions taken thus far, and further disciplinary actions.

4. The parents of the skater may appeal disciplinary decisions made above. In this event, the Board Executive will review the decision. All decisions of the Executive at this stage will be final.

5. Please refer to the Skate Canada Club Dispute Resolution Policy for further information.


Please note: With the exception of suspension and expulsion, disciplinary actions, including loss of coaching time are at the discretion of the coaches. Suspension or expulsion from the club will be determined and approved by the Board Executive. In the case of a suspension or expulsion, please refer to the Advanced CanSkate and STARSkate Fees Refunds and Commitments Policy


In the event that the Club President must act in the capacity of parent or guardian of a skater, the Vice President will fulfill the role of the President.

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