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STARSkate and Advanced CanSkate Competitions


Lethbridge (March 1-3, 2019)

Registration Link

Hotel:  Day’s Inn Lethbridge – 403-327-6000

Open to all STAR 1 and higher skaters.

Deadline to register was January 21, 2019 at Noon. Registration is capped at 650 and this competition is often full.


If you are registering a team in the event (STAR 2 and higher) only one parents registers all the skaters for this one event.  You will need date of birth for all skaters.  Skaters also arrange for a simple coordinated outfit typically (e.g. black leggings and colored shirt, or matching leggings and mittens etc.)   If you any questions how to register please contact Courtney:




For the last few seasons, our club has attended a fun competition in Banff. This year, the competition is being hosted by the Canmore Skating Club on Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Please review the announcement linked here: Canmore LINK Here

As this is not a Skate Canada sanctioned competition, the event names are different and the requirements for each event may be also. Please read thoroughly and chat with the coaches regarding any questions.

For each level there is an opportunity to register for a solo event, creative event and a team event! As you will read, the fees are VERY affordable and you can't beat the location :)

Canmore is requesting ONE club cheque for all registrations so here are some important notes if you are interested in registering:

1.Please print and fill out your skaters registration form and place in the black drop-box by our bulletin board at the rink by Friday, March 1, 2019. NO registrations will be accepted by Cochrane Skating Club after this date. This will allow sufficient time for our club to process the forms, cheque, and mail to Canmore by the deadline.

2.Your Uplifter account will be invoiced for this competition immediately after the registration forms are processed by our club.

3.There will be NO refunds after your registration form has been submitted.

This has been a super fun event in previous years and will be the last event for skaters at this level to compete. Hope you can make it!


CSC Coaches


Another competition announcement has popped up with a fairly tight deadline, so we wanted to communicate the details sooner rather than later. The South Region STARSkate competition in Lethbridge March 1-3 is offering all events including the team event STAR 2 and higher. Please read the announcement for full registration details here:

This is always a very fun, well-run competition and an easy drive. Courtney Archibald, our Competition Coordinator has secured a block of rooms under Cochrane Skating Club at the Days Inn Lethbridge for reasonable rates of $89.99-$99.99 per night (and they have a pool and waterslide!) 403-327-6000. It is recommended that you book your rooms soon as there is very little available in Lethbridge that weekend. I would also recommend you register your skater for your singles events ASAP as they are capping registration at 650. As some skaters move into different categories this time of year, please chat with your coach to ensure you are registering your skater for the appropriate category.

If you are interested in the TEAM event, chat with your skater(s) and their peers and put together a team of 3 or 4. This is a super fun event where skaters compete free-skate elements as a team. Each skater performs one element along with a choreographed “finish/bow” . Teams require a team name and wear similar outfits. Have one parent register the team and let the coaches know so they can prepare the teams appropriately.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Happy New Year everyone!

Coach Karen

More information about competition attendance and preparation will follow in the coming months.

Hello Junior & Intermediate Competitors,

 Here are a few important notes/reminders for competition:

1. Please arrive at the arena 1 hour prior to your skate time. If you are the first event of the day, 45 minutes will be plenty of time.  Please check in at the registration desk, check in your music (if applicable), and find your dressing room.

2. It is recommended that skaters come dressed and ready. Girls with a skating dress and boys with black pants and a plain colored top. Coaches will come and find you in your assigned dressing room for an off-ice warm-up so please ensure you have your running shoes in your skate bag. Hair should be neatly tied back/combed and if you have a club jacket please bring it and a pair of black gloves for your on-ice warm-up.

3.After your event is complete, please wait in the awards area for your report card and ribbon. If coaches have time and are available, we love to see the report cards and have a chat before you leave the rink. However, if we are busy or you are on a tight schedule, take a pic and text/email it to us so we can review with your skaters at another time. If you checked in music, please pick it up before you leave.

4.Finally, HAVE FUN! These events are intended to be relaxed and enjoyable for your skater. A great opportunity to get out and show off their developing skills :) We are looking forward to LOTS of smiles and positivity this weekend. If you can, stick around and cheer on your fellow skaters for their events!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let any of the coaches know. 


If you have any questions about your skater, or attendance at this or future competitions, please contact Coach Karen at, or chat with a coach at the rink.

Competition FAQ's

  • Courtney Archibald, our competition coordinator, has compiled a list of some FAQ's that we often hear.  Please let us know if you have others and she will be sure to add them to the list. 

What does my skaters wear to a competition?

  • Girls should wear a skating dress and have hear back neatly in a bun or tidy ponytail.  Check out the consignment rack for some great dresses available that may fit your skater!  
  • Boys please check with the coaches for competition attire
  • Skaters should wear a club competition jacket over their competition outfit at the arena and for the on ice warm up.  If your skater does not have a club jacket they should wear a fitted black zip up jacket.    
  • All skaters require indoor runners for warm up (boots, slippers etc. are NOT PERMITTED)

What happens when I get to the competition? 

  • Arrive at least 1 hour prior to the skater's flight time (competitions can run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule so even 90 minutes is a good idea).
  • Stop at the registration desk (all levels) and check in and confirm dressing room
  • Hand in music (STAR 2 and higher)  You need 2 CD's with the skaters music on it
  • Your coach will find you in your assigned dressing room be sure to wait for them there.  The coach will then take the skater for dryland warm up.  They will escort them onto the ice and be with them rink side while they compete.  Parents can watch from the stands. 

After my skater competes what happens? 

  • It takes at least 20 minutes to receive report cards 
  • Wait in the podium area to receive reports cards and ribbons (STAR 1 to STAR 3).  Coaches like to review the report cards if they can with you there.  If the coaches are busy with another skater on ice and can't then please be sure to bring a copy of the report card to the rink the following week so the coach can review with the skater. 
  • STAR 4 - skaters are ranked within their flight again the other skaters.  There will be a place in the arena where the event coordinators will hang results. Once the results are up if the skaters has have placed 1, 2 or 3, there will be an awards ceremony shortly after, stay around the podium.  If the skater did not place in the top three their report card can be picked up with their music (it will be a similar report card to star 1-3). The coach will also want to go over the report card with the skater so again if you don't happen to see a coach, please make sure to bring a copy of the report card to the arena. 
  • STAR 5 up to Gold —You should know what you are doing by now :) The same process as star 4.  However, these levels receive points as well as a ranking, the report cards are very different & you review with your coach.


Can we watch the other skaters in the club?

  • Please!!  You are strongly encouraged to watch other skaters who may be skating at similar times to your skater.  Cheer them on and show club spirit!  

I have some photos of my skater who could I send them to?

  • If you have photos of your skater or others from our club that you happened to snap at the competition we love to send them to our local news media  or use them on our Facebook page.  Please send photos to  

STARSkate participants love to compete! Our feedback indicates that even though a skater may choose not to participate in the Skate Canada CompetitiveSkate Program, they still want the opportunity to test their skill in a competition situation. Skate Canada offers several opportunities to do this



Once registered for a competition, you will receive a schedule and important times for the day. Please find your skater’s event(s) and time(s) and plan to arrive 1 hour prior to your first skate time. Coaches will find you in your assigned dressing rooms, and complete a short off-ice warm up, prior to putting skates on. 

Please have your hair neatly tied back out of your face (even under helmets). Juniors are encouraged to wear a skating dress and a black sweater or club jacket and black mini gloves.

Advanced Canskaters, if you do not have a dress, that is totally fine. Wear a pair of black leggings or slim fitting pants and a black sweater (with layers underneath), or slim fit coloured sweater and black gloves.

Boys can wear your black pants, club jackets and black gloves. You can wear a button up shirt underneath your club jacket if you choose (and another tshirt layer underneath wouldn’t hurt for extra warmth).

All skaters are encouraged to arrive at the arena dressed and ready, as this will be a busy day. Please remember to check in at registration when you arrive, bring your runners, skates and guards.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Competitions are always a super fun day!


This year's Competition Dates: **More details to come as to which levels of STARSkate are invited to the competitions listed below. 

  • Dec 7-9
    • Calgary RegionSTARSkate Invitational in Okotoks at the Okotoks Skating Centre
  • January 
  • Feb 8-10
    • Central RegionSTARSkate e Invitational in Rocky Mountain House at Rocky FSC
  • Mar 1-3
    • South Region STARSkate Invitational in Lethbridge at Lethbridge SC
  • Mar 22-24
    • STARSkate & Adult Championships in Airdrie at Airdrie SC
  • Apr 19-21
    • Sunsational Combined Invitational in Edmonton at Ice Palace FSC
  • Aug 1-5
    • Wild Rose Combined Invitational in Leduc at Alberta Figure Skating Foundation